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Saturday, May 28, 2016 Philippines

Cebu is one of my favorite places to go to during the summer. The first time I've set foot on this wonderful Queen City of the South, I was on a school field trip which mainly focused on the historic places in Cebu City. Second time was a family tour - meaning no extreme adventures :( lol - featuring Mactan, Cebu City, Oslob and a side trip to Bohol and Dumaguete. Third time was with my boyfriend and we decided to explore the fascinating island of Sumilon.


  • MOST of the island is part of Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort. However, the stunning white sandbar at the side of it is open to non-resort guests.
  • Day tour in Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort is from 7am to 5pm which costs PHP 1,500 per person on weekdays and PHP 2,000 on weekends and holidays. This includes:
    • roundtrip boat transfers (Sumilon <-> Mainland Bancogon); 
    • lunch buffet;
    • island sandbar;
    • snorkeling (with gear); 
    • kayaking in the lagoon; 
    • fish feeding;
    • island trekking (they have trails for beginners and pros);
    • cottages;
    • pool with a stunning view of the sea; and
    • shower rooms.
  • Interested on the day tour? Inquire here.     
  • For overnight stay, go to their website for the rates.

luewater Sumilon Island Resort:
    • via Commute:
      • If you're from Cebu City, ride a bus to Bato; tell the driver to remind you whenever you're in Oslob; get off at Sumilon Island port; or
      • if you're from Poblacion, Oslob, take a tricycle to Mainland Bancogon; tell the driver to take you to Mainland Bancogon - Bluewater Sumilon Resort. 
    • via Car: 
      • From Cebu City, take Cebu South Road -> Natalio Bacalso South National Hwy -> Oslob -> Mainland Bancogon 
    • ***Notes:  
      • The port is near the Whale Shark Watching area.
      • Boat ride is 10-15 minutes. Check the boat schedule here
HOW TO GET TO Sumilon Island Sandbar:
    • Rent a boat in Tan-awan Oslob going to Sumilon Island Sandbar. Cost is PHP 1500 per boat.
    • The bangkeros will take you directly to the sandbar, different to the pier where the resort guests will get off.
    • Boat ride is also 10-15 minutes.
My advice is to take the Day Tour Package because it's worth it! The staff in Bluewater Resort are accommodating and friendly, everyone greeted us with a smile. The resort is enormous which makes it peaceful and relaxing. You won't even bump into other guests while you're there, it's like you're enjoying the whole island to yourselves.

Bluewater Sumilon Pool

The pool gives you a stunning view of the sea. Beside it, there are two Jacuzzis which you can request to the staff to turn on. The lunch buffet was served by the beach. The food was fresh and consists of various cuisines for local and international tourists. 


Marine Sanctuary
Even though the sandbar was open to the public, it was never crowded which was surprising because it was March. When we got to the marine sanctuary to snorkel, we were the only ones there! (For the record, we swam like 400m lol).

Lockers are available for use if you're going to snorkel or do other activities. When we were going to snorkel, the lockers were full. Luckily, the staff in the front desk suggested that they will put our bags under their care and keep an eye on them (their staff is the best!).


PHP 1,500 - Day Tour Package
PHP 150 - Tricycle from Poblacion, Oslob (one-way)

I hope you found this helpful! If you have any suggestions, just comment down below. :)

Just keep swimming,

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