SHINE: Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip Review and Swatches

Sunday, August 7, 2016 Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Let me tell you this now - this is my favorite Colourpop product ever!!! The formula of the Ultra Satin Lip is off the charts. It's comparable to MAC satin lipsticks which is 1/3 more than its price! This product got a lot of praise from beauty vloggers too, (ex. KathleenLights, ThatGirlShaeXo, Kathy Pham) and now I know what they meant.

I got mine in the shades of Magic Wand and Lost. The packaging is similar to the Ultra Matte Lip with the silver cap and transparent container. The box is the same as other Colourpop products but with yellow green sides.

Magic Wand is a light-peach nude wherein I have found the best KyJenner effect on me! It's not too beige (unlike Beeper) and not too light to wash me out.

Magic Wand

Magic Wand on my lips

Lost is a warm-toned brown red. This one actually has a head-turner quality but it's not too "in-your-face". It gives off the Old Hollywood, regal effect. :) 


Lost on my lips

What's Hot
  • Opaque and highly pigmented. It's Colourpop. :)
  • DOES NOT look tacky. No patching of some sort.
  • Moisturizes your lips. 100% TRUE. I tried this the first time with no lip balm, and it made my lips look like they're so kissable. HEHEHE. This formula is totally different to Ultra Matte Lip!!!
  • Comfortable, because its formula is lightweight and not drying.
  • Appears Matte with a little bit of sheen.
  • Affordable. Same price as Ultra Matte Lip (USD 6). 
  • Longevity is 10-12 hours. However the color slightly darkens if you put it out that long but it's still moisturizing and pigmented which is incredible! 
  • Smells like coconuts. But, actually goes away after some time (if you don't like the smell).

What's Not
  • Transfers to anything, and it stays there. This actually bothered me at first, but I also noticed that the color still stays on my lips even if it leaves marks on my cups or spoons.
  • The color selection is not yet as wide as other lip products of Colourpop. Sadly, there are only few choices because it's one of the newer products of Colourpop. I just wish they come up with new shades, ASAP! UPDATE: Kathleen Lights just came up with 3 new shades and they're awesome!

Where to buy
  • Colourpop via international shipping. I haven't tried this way, though.
  • Yourmakeupstoreph (ig: @yourmakeupstoreph) They restock every month. They have limited on-hand products, and you can also pre-order. For pre-orders, 50% down payment is required. 
  • ColourpopPH (ig: @colourpopph) They also have on-hand products and do really fast shipping. If you order 6 or more, they offer discounts. Pre-orders are also accommodated.

I don’t have to be afraid of having dry lips because it's highly moisturizing which makes it perfect for everyday use. Even if it has a satin finish, it totally looks like matte. The longer it stays on my lips, the more it moisturizes. Currently, I'm waiting for new shades of Ultra Satin Lip. Crossing my fingers for more mauves and purples!  


Pocket-Friendly ♥♥♥♥♥
Color Selection ♥♥♥
Long-lasting ♥♥♥♥♥
Quality & Texture    ♥♥♥♥♥
Health & Safety ♥♥♥♥


Magic Wand - for light and fair skin tones
Lost - for any skin tone

Have you tried Colourpop's Ultra Satin Lip? 
Tell me your thoughts in the comment box below.

Just keep swimming,


  1. Love the shades you picked! <3 And I like how these aren't drying unlike their ultra mattes. Might try this one out soon!

    xx, The Diary Queen

    1. Thanks, Da! ♥ Glad you found this helpful! :)

  2. I heard about colourpop though I haven't tried them yet. Maybe it's time for me to :)

    1. Hi Mercy! Yes, I highly recommend Colourpop. Thank you. :)

  3. I also want to know the difference between the ultra matte and this one. I hope you could do a review. Will try this colourpop soon since I have dry lips na, I only use the ultra matte kasi. Thanks for a great review.

    xoxo, rej |

    1. I'll try my best to do a comparison review of the two, soon! Thank you, Rej. :)

  4. Hi Melissa! I'm a new reader so first off, I just want to say that you're really pretty! Andddd you've convinced me to buy Colourpop! Want that magic wand so bad!

    1. Aww, aren't you sweet? You should buy it! It would look lovely on you. Thank you, Sheen! ♥

  5. Hello, Melissa! ♥

    These shades of lippies look totally good on you! I have tried Colourpop before but I think they're the matte ones. Anyway, I'm following you now on Bloglovin! Hope to hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance ♥

    1. Thanks, Airish! You should try the satin ones, I think you'll enjoy them.

      Btw, I followed you in Bloglovin' too! :) ♥

  6. i just got a couple of these as well, love them!

    danielle | avec danielle

  7. Love this! I need to try magic wand, such a pretty neutral color!


    1. Yes it is, you should definitely try it! :) Thanks, Aiko. ♥

  8. Smells like coconuts?? Omg I need these!! You chose two really nice colours :) x

    ♡ itsjessiejane ♡

    1. Yes they do smell amazing (for me, at least) :) Thank you so much! ♥

  9. Those are some lovely shades <3 Thanks for sharing!


  10. This looked so promissing until I read the transfer comment... I can't have that. I'll get it on my clothes!

    7% Solution

    1. Yeah, that's the down side. But hey, there are still Ultra Mattes! :) Thanks, Aki! ♥

  11. I have the same shade in Magic Wand! I can say that it's the perfect shade of pinkish nude for my skin tone, and I also prefer Ultra Satin's formula from the Ultra Matte ones too :)

    - Patricia //

    1. I agree with you, 100%! A lot of people really like the UML but it's too drying for my liking. :)))


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