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Tuesday, August 2, 2016 Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

This is the first time I've allotted a huge part of my weekend for a fashion photo shoot. My friend convinced me to go try one, and I'm so glad I did because it was extremely fun! I am deeply grateful for everything, especially to the people whom have supported me and pushed me to pursue my love for fashion.

My OOTD is a simple grayscale three-piece featuring flared jeans. Flared jeans have been the go-to bottoms of girls who are vertically challenged (like me haha) since the 70's. Pairing it with heels or wedges definitely gives every girl the wanted boost - hihi yes!

Cropped top from Jukaykay (ig: @jukaykayatbp)

Flared denim jeans from Giordano

Long white vest from Trendsetter Bazaar (I'm sorry I don't remember the exact booth)

White platforms from Hue Manila (ig: @huemanila

Sunnies from Sunnies Studios
Gold heart necklace from Luxessories (ig: @luxessories_)
Gold watch from Casio

This photoshoot will not be a success if not for Josamm Felices, my photographer. Josamm is an amateur photographer who has been photographing models for portrait shoots and special events. He's been such a great person to shoot with. His positive energy is contagious and his feedback is encouraging. If you're interested to work or collaborate with him, just check his instagram account (@byjosamm) or email him at

Just keep swimming,


  1. I still can't believe flared jeans are back!! HAHA! It's my favorite jeans nung HS until it became a fashion no-no in college. Fashion world is surely round.

    But you are so pretty, bbgirl! :*

    1. Haha! Yes, fashion just keeps us on our toes! :) Thank you, B! :*

  2. Love the look, Melissa! And the shoot location seemed to cooperate. Haha.

    xx, The Diary Queen


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