STRUT: Monochrome Mermaid

Monday, October 17, 2016

Usually, when someone thinks of mermaids, they're incorporated with dreamy hues and hologramic pastels. When I saw this ironic gray top in H&M, I wondered why they have made it monochrome. After not much of a thought, I decided to buy it. "I GREW UP WITH MERMAIDS" was just begging to be taken home by Momma

Since 2013, I skipped wearing those loud graphic shirts and gave them away. I think that was the time when my taste and vision for my style matured. I started trying different clothing combinations like bold colors and prints. Since then, I noticed that I was spending more time and effort when buying apparel. Although, my budget was limited because I was still in college back then.  

As of now, I am working as a Software Engineer which I admit has a pretty decent pay. Being that said, I still don't spend a ton of money on my clothes. Funny, hmm? I think practical is the right word for that, LOL. I got that from my Papa. He just doesn't want me to invest on things I can't use every single day - and he's right. You can't repeat an outfit! *kidding*

The reason I still take a lot of time while I shop is because I still look at the price tag, and this is why I always shop a lot when I'm at H&M! Their clothes are incredibly affordable and very trendy. There are just too much to choose from. 

Gray graphic muscle tee from H&M

Leather pencil skirt from H&M

White plimsolls with zip-detail from Stradivarius

Lace choker from Forever Wishes Online (ig: @foreverwishesonline)
Silver wristwatch from Tomato Time
Black sports wristwatch from Timex
Transparent wayfarer from Love to Style PH (ig: @lovetostyleph)

I apologize for wearing two different watches, I changed my mind in the middle of this short shoot. LOL!

To be honest, graphic tees aren't my style. Especially this one since it's a muscle tee, I think I'm not edgy enough to rock this. The only reason I bought this is because it had the word Mermaid on it. #sorrynotsorry

Location: McKinley Hill, Taguig City
Photographer: Mayren Cruz aka boyfriend (ig: @mayrencruz)
Hair and Makeup: Me 

How about you, do you like wearing graphic tees? 
What do you think about this look?
Comment down below. ;)

Just keep swimming,


  1. I think graphic tees would never go out of style naman beacuse they seem to adapt with the trend nowadays + it looks good if you pair it perfectly with other pieces (just like what you did). Just recently, I can't help but grab the shirt from Cotton On which says "Los Anjealous" bc come on, it's just too cute. Haha!

    xx, The Diary Queen

    1. Wow, that is cute!!

      Yeah, I see your point. I'm more of a preppy pabebe girl kasi HAHA. Not that edgy pero thanks, Da! ♥

  2. But you sure looked good on it.. I love the t-shirt too buh without the mermaid
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    1. Thanks for visiting! ♥

      I'm sorry but what is GFC? I only have a Bloglovin account. :D

  3. You look amazing. Great neutral look.

  4. That t-shirt is so cute and you look very chic in this casual style.


  5. I myself do not wear large graphic tees either, but I do love a good minimalistic shirt with a phrase and this one is no exception. I have one that I just bought myself that says "I'de rather be watching cats on the internet." haha.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Haha that's a funny one! You just can't resist buying something that cute. :))

  6. So nice! I like it.


  7. You did right to buy the shirt as it is a cool piece and it shows the essential word "Mermaid" :) I'm impressed how conscious you are with your money - kudos to your dad and how you teached you! I like you in this rock chic look!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Yes, my dad taught me well. Lucky me! Thank you so much, Rena! :)

  8. I hated graphic tee for years but ever since it made a huge comeback the past two years, I'm really loving it! You actually pull off this tee really well!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  9. No point in investing in something you will not use everyday and especially when you can have such a stylish effect with other products. Best wishes, Iga

  10. Omg, your shirt tells it all! It's perfect for you (and of course, your domain too lol). I love the idea of you depicting "mermaids" into an outfit post that's totally the opposite of how people picture a mermaid (which is usually girly, colorful, etc.) love this post! <3

    1. Mermaids can be tough, you know? Haha! Thanks, Kea! ♥


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