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Saturday, January 7, 2017 Bangkok, Thailand

Embracing our wanderlust selves, my friends and I have decided to go explore the beauty of the Land of the free - Thailand. Keep reading to know more about our crazy but wonderful adventure!

Thanks to Cebu Pacific's monthly seat sale, my friends and I found ourselves contemplating on where to fly again, amidst the no-ipon season. It was a tough decision between Cambodia and Thailand, we chose Thailand. The only dilemma was the limited number of seats per flight. We were TEN - so you can see what the problem was. As a solution, we just managed to book overlapping flights (both date & time) which means some arrived earlier and others stayed longer. As part of the "team" that had the shortest time (LOL @ Delpi no complaints here, I was not the one who booked that time), the itinerary that I will share to you is 3-days long, incredibly jam-packed, and is in accordance to Bea's itinerary because I was too lazy to plan one.

Day 0
9:25 PM Flight from Manila to Bangkok
11:50 PM Arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok

Thank heavens, our flight had no delays of some sort. We safely arrived in Bangkok and from then on, our time went back one hour (LOL, 1-hour time difference). We spent an hour in the airport trying to figure out which mode of transportation to use in travelling to our airbnb. We tried booking a grabcar for an hour because the taxi lane was too long but instead we ended up at a taxi. Turns out, BKK's taxi system is organized and we just waited for less than a half-hour.

Day 1
10:00 AM Brunch in Moonhouse Cafe
11:00 AM Travel to Ayutthaya
1:00 PM Tour in Ayutthaya via "tuktuk"
Wat Lokayasutharam
Wat Chaiwatthanaram
Wat Phra Sri Sanphet
4:30 PM Travel back to Bangkok
6:00 PM Siam Center
7:00 PM Dinner at The Food Republic
9:00 PM Back in Airbnb home

As predicted, we started the day late - almost noon. Our tummies were craving for some Pad Thai, which is one of the most famous dishes in Thailand, so we settled for Moonhouse Café which is just a few steps away from our airbnb. After brunch, we hustled to the nearest subway stop which is Lumphini Station and got off at Chatuchak Park Station. We rode a bus to Mo Chit 2 and from there we rented a van to drive us to Ayutthaya.  

In Ayutthaya, we booked a 3-hour tour to see the different temple ruins. The tour is inclusive of 2 tuktuks to drive us around 4 temples. Luckily, December 5 is their late King's birthday which is considered a holiday, so entrance fees to all temples are free of charge. However, as you can see above, we only managed to go to 3 temples because our time ran out due to all the picture-taking. :'( So if you're planning to take a tour in Ayutthaya, be sure to manage your time properly so you can see all of the temples! To go back to Bangkok, we rode a van to Mo Chit station. 

We decided to have dinner in Food Republic in Siam Center. I find it pretty cool that they use cards instead of actual money at most food halls in Bangkok. You need to buy a card similar to a beep card wherein the cashier swipes it and you also get your excess money back when you return the card after. After dinner, we roamed around Siam and found market stalls where we bought souvenirs.

Another awesome thing about Bangkok is not only do they have a non-crowded subway, they also have a Skytrain, which is what we rode on our way home.

Day 2
10:30 AM Breakfast in Anny's Café
11:00 AM Moonhouse Café
12:00 PM Chao Phraya Tourist boat to Tha Maharaj
2:00 PM Grand Palace
3:00 PM Wat Pho
4:30 PM Wat Arun
5:30 PM Khao San Road
7:30 PM Back to Airbnb
8:30 PM Dinner
10:30 PM Nightlife

Later than the previous day, we started day two past ten in the morning. We went to Anny's Café to eat breakfast but the waitress/cook/owner of the café knows zero English words so we went back to Moonhouse café.

Our goal was to visit the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Wat Arun. We rode the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat to Tha Maharaj stop and walked for five minutes to the Grand Palace. Little did we know, the Grand Palace was closed for tourists for the day. :'( This is due to the passing of their king and the mourning continues on his birthday until the day after that.

Moving on, we walked for another five minutes to Wat Pho, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha. Luckily, the temple was open! Entrance fee is 100 baht per person. This is the first Buddhist temple I have ever been to, and I was blown away. The meticulous details, materials used, and the overall cleanliness of a temple was astounding. When entering the temple wherein the Reclining Buddha lies, everyone must remove their shoes as sign of respect and put into a bag. They are very strict about this, I was even scolded of not putting my shoes into the bag immediately because I was too busy vlogging (oops).

To be able to go to the next temple, Wat Arun, we rode a local boat that crosses tourists across the river between the two temples. Unfortunately, Wat Arun was under construction so we just admired it from the outside and decided to not come in.

From there, we rode a local boat to Khao San Road. We actually got lost so I'm not certain what to tell you LOL. Khao San Road is perfect if you want to taste different street food in Thailand and also a place to buy cheap clothes and souvenirs. Although, this is just similar to HK's Ladies Market wherein it's just a long stretch of stalls and the quality is just pretty much the same.

We went back to our airbnb, decided to eat at a nearby restaurant (I forgot the name) because the food was overpriced and the service was awful so I'm not gonna waste time remembering that. After dinner, we went to Vertigo & Moon Club but decided we want a different scene (a young-and-wild-and-free kind of scene) so we took a cab and went to Insanity Superclub.  

Day 3
9:30 AM To-go breakfast in 7/11
11:00 AM Chao Phraya Tourist boat
12:00 PM Grand Palace
2:00 PM Travel to Platinum Fashion Mall
3:00 PM Early dinner at Platinum
4:00 PM Shopping
7:30 PM Unicorn Café
8:30 PM Travel to Suvarnabhumi Airport
12:40 AM (Day 4) Flight back to Manila :'(

A little earlier than expected, we started day three before ten in the morning. We allotted the first half of the day to test our luck and go back to the Grand Palace. With no regrets, we arrived as planned and we got in for free! The palace was strict in dress code. No shorts, sleeveless tops, and miniskirts. The place was full of tourists, it's like a Paskuhan scene. But boy, it was grand indeed! Everything was gold. The huge temples are overwhelmingly bright and even if the sun was not out that day, the details were shining. It was definitely worth coming back for, nothing I ever imagined. All of us were beyond speechless, this is so much grander than Wat Pho, which is amazing to start off with. I am so glad we came back! 

After a long tour of the huge palace, we headed on to Platinum Fashion Mall to shop. My friends (mostly the boys) agreed to spend only THREE hours for shopping at maximum. Did I mention that the mall was 6 stories high? It was similar to Divisoria's 168 mall but much elegant and the clothes were made with better fabric with reasonable prices. I was quite overwhelmed on the number of choices and the quality of the clothing! I seriously think I left my heart in Platinum.

Lastly, we hustled to Unicorn Café! I think this is the best way to end our trip. At first, I just wanted to take pictures of the place because it was AMAZEBALLS! The place was filled with pink and blue paintings of majestic unicorns and pretty pony figurines. Then, we saw the onesies. After a few minutes, other customers left one by one and then we were the only ones left. To my surprise, everyone got in a unicorn onesie, I was even the latest one to dress up!

- - - 

It is true that Thailand is similar to the Philippines because of the people's hospitality but their government and transportation is far more advanced compared to ours. In a short amount of time, I am happy that I had a chance to see the culture, the people, and the city of Bangkok. I am absolutely certain that I will be back to explore the beauty of this wonderful country. Kob khun ka, Thailand!

Have you been to Thailand?
If yes, what was your favorite part of the trip?


  1. It's always good to travel with friends as there's endless fun and freedom :) You look pretty, I like your outfit the most in Day 3. Nice to find your blog.

    1. I couldn't agree more. The expenses are better, too, if you're a big group haha! Thanks for dropping by!

    2. which hotel did you stay po?

  2. I've never been to Thailand! Actually, my boyfriend and I originally planned going to Thailand this year. I wanted to try backpacking Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam. Then we realized that if we are going to shell out, why not go to Japan instead? Hahaha.

    It's really so much fun when you travel with a big group! It's more fun and cheaper too! Hahaha.

    1. Yeah, but I think Thailand is way cheaper than going to Japan! And requires no visa. HAHA. When are you going to Japan? :)

    2. True, Thailand is cheaper talaga. Pero I think it will cost the same (halos) if you're going to Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam :D we're planning to go to Japan sa December! Hopefully, matuloy.

    3. Wow, winter! :) Hopefully, matuloy nga kayo!!!! :D

  3. Grand Palace is now on my bucket list! Thanks to you, Melissa. It is so beautiful and grand.

    Xeph | Misadventures

    1. Aw thanks, Xeph! I hope my pictures somewhat gave justice to it. :D

  4. I haven’t been anywhere beside the Philippines but this is a good post to save for future travel in Thailand. My office friends are planning to go here, so I might share this to them.

    You surely enjoyed Thailand upon looking at those photos. And truly traveling on groups with friends or families is always a good decision.

    I am looking for more travel trips from you, Melissa. <3

    1. Thanks, Clint! I hope this guide will somewhat help your office friends on their trip. :)

  5. What an interesting thing to have to consider, the size of your group and how you couldn't be on the same flight. Do you mind my asking where you were flying from?

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  6. I surely comment back here after finishing mine. I'm still figuring out what's my favorite part of my trip. I'll get back to you Mel. :) hihihihi

    1. Yes! Post your link here when you finish it. Thanks, Rej! :)

  7. *saving for future reference* Around how much was your over-all budget for Thailand?

    xx, Richel V. | Richel Goes Places

    1. Thanks, Richel! :) Hmmm, around PHP 15k including the airfare - this is an estimate, though! I haven't taken down notes on our 3rd day eh, and that's when we shopped! :(

  8. very interesting!
    xoxo Gina

    new post

  9. I have never been there - such an interesting trip!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  10. I love what you did with the photos. The layout screams "magazine pages". :) | Bloglovin' | Instagram

    1. Aw thank you so much, Anne!!!! Glad it looked as decent as possible. :))

  11. I live in Bangkok but I'm still not travelling haha! Anyways, what a fun trip! :D

    Love, Kandice & Thoughts

  12. I'm planning to visit Thailand, I will keep some of your notes in mind :)


    1. Yay, thanks Alyssa!!! I suggest you allot a whole day for shopping! I was really bitin when we were there huhu :))

  13. My workmates and I were just talking about going to Thailand this year. I hope it ain't just a ~lunch break talk~ tho because I badly wanna go here since god knows when haha. Anyway, it's so obvious you guys had so much fun! Also, I love what you did with the photos, so creative of you Melissa :)

    1. You should go!!! There are a lot of places to see. Plus, SHOPPING!!!! :) What month are you planning to go?

  14. So envy! I really wanted to go to Thailand or any Asian countries this year! Such a great post babe and great pictures! You really had a blast there I guess! Love the way you edit your pics too! Have a great day! Hope you could visit my blog too! Mwaaah!

    Elisha |

    1. Thank you! :) I'm happy you enjoyed it. And of course, I'll check out your blog. ♥

  15. I haven't been to Thailand but if ever I go out of the country, it's second to my list, next to Singapore. Hehe I've always heard stories about it being similar with the Philippines because my friend has been going to Thailand so many times already. But I agree that the transportation is much better!

    The unicorn cafe is really cute, and you guys are so cute with the onesies haha who would imagine a cute cafe would be in Thailand? Hehe I imagine Thailand as very historical country!

    It is really hard to book flights for a lot of people! I experienced it when trying to book for our Boracay trip before with my family and Gerald's family. We were 12pax! Haha and I can't book separate time/date because it's a family trip, you know hahaha good thing we scored cheap flights during a travel expo. The agent was the one who looked for a flight for all of us. Separate flight itineraries but same dates/time. :)

    1. I noticed the difference just from the airport! The taxi lanes are long but the taxis kept on coming and we were at our airbnb in less than an hour, I was so impressed!

      Yeah, Thailand is rich in history and culture but they are not late in technology either.

      Wow, the agent did a good job! I never tried going to a travel expo before, maybe I should try it soon! :)

  16. A Thai stumbled upon your blog. Glad that it seems to be happy here.

    We are not diffrent from any places. We have good things and bad things, also good people and bad people. Hope you see the first ones whenever you come here and wherever you go.

    I live in Chiang mai, another tourist spot. If you haven't been here, please take this reply as an invitation on your next trip to Thailand.

    Be our guest anytime. You are always welcome.

  17. Add here for more info on your next trip.

    Regrading taxi, read here. Also read the comment.

    The author also gave some info about other transportation/communication service in Bangkok, ie. internet, MRT,BTS. Please help yourself.

  18. What an interesting thing to have to consider, the size of your group and how you couldn't be on the same flight. Do you mind my asking where you were flying from?

  19. Just pure brilliance from you here. I have never expected something less than this from you and you have not disappointed me at all. I suppose you will keep the quality work going on. visita il sito

  20. I have really enjoyed following your travels. It was very inspiring to learn about all of these amazing places in Thailand. I will make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more


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