STRUT: Tinted Sunnies Look 02

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

When shades of pineapple, mustard, and canary graced my Instagram feed this summer, that's when I knew tinted yellow sunglasses are back. Of course, we've seen it on Liza - so there's no reason to question why it's so popular.

Since I was 7, I knew what I wanted to wear. I have always been a girly girl in preppy skirts and doll flats. I avoided chucks, muscle tees, and leather clothing (probably, anything that can be worn as unisex). Nothing was really wrong with them, kikay stuff just caught my eye faster. And it was fine, I was happy to know my style. 

Never would I have imagine that I will be wearing aviator-styled frames. I have always thought of them as manly, and reminded me too much of what fathers wear in the 80's. What made me change my mind is pure curiosity. I was attracted to the pineapple color - it reminds me of Spongebob's house! I thought then, maybe I should step out of my comfort zone and try something androgynous. Do you think I pulled it off? 

One thing I just have to say about these sunnies - don't expect it to make everything shady. Trust me, it does the opposite. Everything you'll see is yellow and bright, which is fine for me (I'll hate it if it's sepia).

White tank top with lace details
Jukaykay (PHP 150)

Tattered Boot-cut Denim Jeans
DIY :) (PHP 500)

Tinted Pineapple Sunnies
Aggy PH (PHP 199)

Rainbow sling bag
Platinum Fashion Mall, Bangkok (PHP 700)

Total Outfit Budget: PHP 1,549 or USD 31

Have you tried the tinted sunnies trend yet?
Let me know you thoughts in the comment box below.


  1. I love that the tint is not overly saturated. Makes me think of the Beatles! <3

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

  2. Tinted sunnies really looks good on you. Love this look! Simple but you're slaying it, girl! ♡

  3. Who's your photographer, Merms? I instantly fall in love with those shades, so pretty. :-)

    1. I'm wondering the same thing!

    2. Thanks, girls!!! My photographer is Josamm Felices! :)

  4. Love the location and out for this post, the tinged sunglasses ties the outfit wonderfully <3
    with love, Bash   |   HEY BASH

  5. OMG Melissa, you're too pretty! I love the whole ensemble! ����

  6. Ganda mo, Melissa! :) Love how you get to pull off anything! Hehe!



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