My Closet Wishes were Granted by StyleGenie! #MermaidxSG

Monday, June 26, 2017 Philippines

No doubt, being a blogger has its perks. Heck, being a blogger has tons of perks - you can get free stuff, be in fun photoshoots, and most importantly, you get to do what you love. One other perk that I've recently experienced was becoming an affiliate of a new brand. With that being said, I am absolutely thrilled to tell you guys that I am now a Style Ambassadress of StyleGenie!

StyleGenie is the first ever styling subscription box in the Philippines. StyleGenie grants every fashionista's wish of having a very own stylist to choose an outfit curated especially for your style. Of course, the stylist will need a bunch of information regarding your sizes, favorite colors, and style inspirations. 

All you need to do are these simple steps and you're good to go!
1. Sign up here. You can also subscribe to the newsletter!
2. Create your Style Profile. This is where you provide your sizes, favorite colors, clothes you don't want to wear, style inspirations, etc. You can also provide pictures of your style icons! 
3. Choose a box. (More details below)
4. Wait for your package to arrive. For Metro Manila residents, it will take 3-5 days, and 7-10 days for outside MM residents. 
5. Dress up! ♥

StyleGenie offers 3 kinds of boxes depending on the number of outfits you prefer.

Surprise-Me Basic Box: PHP 899
Free Expert Styling (by a professional stylist!)
1 outfit = up to 2 new clothes

Surprise-Me Deluxe Box: PHP 1,899
Free Expert Styling (by a professional stylist!)
3 outfits = up to 5 new clothes
Free shipping within Metro Manila

Surprise-Me Premium Box: PHP 3,699
Free Expert Styling (by a professional stylist!)
5 outfits = up to 10 new clothes
Free shipping
Freebies from Sponsors!

As a Style Ambassadress, I had the awesome privilege of getting a complimentary Surprise-Me Basic box from the StyleGenie team! I created my style profile and received the shipping confirmation few hours later. Shipping takes 3-5 days and when my package finally arrived on the third day, I was ecstatic!

Don't I look tall? Hihi.

The team sent me a maxi dress that is exact for my height. As a short, petite girl, I have always struggled in finding the perfect maxi dress that isn't too long for my legs. They even wrote a personalized letter for me. Sweet!

(LOL @ my face)

Since summer is over (*cries*), I layered my floral maxi dress with a denim jacket which totally turned the beach dress into a casual street outfit. I also paired the look with white sneakers because I don't have to wear heels in this dress (YAY!!!).

You wouldn't think I would forget about you, would you? You can use my code below to have a 10% discount on any box! 

Don't forget to tag me in your pictures, I'd love to see what outfits the StyleGenie team prepared for you! Shazuums!

Have you heard about StyleGenie?

Have you tried purchasing a Surprise-Me box? 


  1. I started following Style Genie few months ago. I was thinking to get a subscription box cos the idea sounds cool! Pero I was afraid it won't fit me or ayaw ko. Good thing they provided info charts for you. I want to see the other outfits!!! And congrats for being their ambassador! Well-deserved!

    1. Hi Dianne! I'm sure whatever they choose for you, super close siya sa mga ibibigay mong fashion inspo! :) Thank you!

  2. Ooh seen StyleGenie from a friend and it really sounds interesting! :) I wanna try but I don't know yet. Maybe when I need a new outfit!


    1. Yass! It's worth the try! :) Marami rin silang promos now!

  3. I saw this outfit on your Instagram and it really looks good on you! You look tall on them tbh. Love it! ♥

    1. Yay!!! That's my goal kaya I like maxi dresses. Haha thank you so much. Laine! :)

  4. Congratulations, Melissa! ❤️ Love your outfit!! It suits you well. :) Hear from you soon!

    Love, Airish
    Gorgeous Glance

  5. Congrats Melissa! :) I think it's a good idea, especially those who don't know how to style outfits (like me haha). I wanted to try kaso baka di ko magustuhan or baka di magkasya sakin, I really prefer to fit clothes before I buy kaya never pako bumili online talaga.

    Pero ang cute, they sent you a maxi dress even for a petite girl. I wanted to try one pero I hesitate kasi dba pang matangkad lang maxi dresses. But it looks good on you!!!

    1. They ask about your exact measurements which I appreciate kasi nga minsan talaga masyado mahaba sakin lalo na pag dresses. :) Thank you, Mei!!!

  6. Agree with Mei din! I want to try this pero considering that I'm kinda a plus-size, I'm not sure if the clothes would suit me really well. Hehe.

    Anyway, you look so pretty, Mel! Ngayon ko lang na notice na kamukha mo si Park Shin Hye! :)

    1. Whaaaat, sobrang ganda naman ni Shin Hye! Haha thank you Ella!!! ♥ They have a vast size chart naman so check mo na rin hihi

  7. Hi. you look great on that maxi dress. :) how much is that? :) I'm still deciding if I'm going to take the 1st Surprise Me Box or the 2nd one :). Thank you

  8. Congrats on being the brand ambassador, Melissa!! I'm curious to try it - but wary because I'm a plus size. Haha. The maxi dress looks so good on you!

    xx, Richel V.

    1. I'm sure they have something for you naman! Hehe! Thank you, Richel! ♥


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