Jertie's Kitchen: Vegan, Gluten-Free, Plant-Based Food Workshop

Friday, July 28, 2017 Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

You are what you eat. Truly, the quote says it all. The initiative to be fit and healthy mainly depends on our food choices, our lifestyle, and our mindset. What if I tell you there is a team that can help you choose the food that's good especially for you? Are you up for the change?

I, myself has been a frustrated vegetarian for so long. Whenever I get the chance, I will always choose the "no-meat" diet. Let's be real though, Philippine fast food chains never made it easy for me. Chicken, pork and beef are always the main stars of every dish. 

Jaq and Jertie

Last July 15th, I was lucky to be invited to a workshop led by Jertie's Kitchen, a team of passionate sisters who specializes in vegan, gluten-free, and plant-based food, at the Good Seed. Their mission is to encourage people to take charge of their health without giving up their love for food. 

"At Jertie's Kitchen, we encourage individuals to
  • visualize and realize the best versions of themselves
  • enjoy their food, even if they have food restrictions
  • live mindful lives with lots of energy from live giving plant-based food
It's a challenging task but we are excited to do it! We only have one life and we want you to experience the best time with it. Because life is too short to be living it less than we should." (

Sisters, Jertie and Jaq, demonstrated five (5) meals ranging from meal dishes to smoothies. WE ATE ALL OF THEM, BTW. During the talk, they wanted to know us personally. One by one, we were asked about our food staples, guilty pleasures, lifestyle, and allergies. This part was amazing, it made me feel that I wasn't just there to listen but I was also part of the discussion. In addition, they told us the local, natural ingredients (which were all healthy) they use. Most of the ingredients are available in the local supermarkets, some are available via pre-orders. 

Just to give you a tease, here are some pictures of the dishes cooked by Jertie's Kitchen team:


We also got a chance to choose our dessert toppings (all were dried fruit and raisins)!
That's not all, we get to take home a loot bag full of goodies, too! The bag included vegan and gluten-free brownies, granola bar, and a jar of dark choco nibblers! Plus, each of us were given a hard copy of all the recipes discussed in the workshop.  

Frankly, we are not getting any younger. As we grow older, it is more likely that we will notice the effects of the food we eat. The start will always be the hardest, but it will only get easier from there. Push yourself to make that change. 

If you're interested to be part of their workshop, you can email them at or check out the information below. 

July 15, 2017 - Anong Baon Mo Bes?
August 5, 2017 - Kain tayo KAIVEGAN
September 2, 2017 - Love Chocolate

3-Class Package - P5,250/person
2-Class Package -P3,500/person
1-Class Early Bird - P1,800 (available up to two weeks before the class)
1 Class Regular - P2,000

You can read more about Jertie's Kitchen on their website

Jertie's Kitchen team with some of the participants!

Have you heard about local vegan workshops?
Share your experience below!


  1. You got me on glutten free! hahaha what a cute workshop <3

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