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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Makeup is subjective. People rate a product due to their preference - finish, color, how well it suited their skin type, the list goes on. This is what makes makeup even more interesting. There are no rules.

However, when it comes to powder, most of us can agree that we gravitate towards the same functionalities. Let's weigh in the factors, shall we?

A good powder must:
  • Leave your skin shine-free. Powder should lessen shine.
  • Be translucent. Colored powder is not really a thing...
  • Have no flashbacks. IMPORTANT: Take a photo with a flash and it will reveal if your powder is reliable. You should not look like a ghost.
  • Set your makeup in place. This can help especially if you use a liquid foundation or BB creams.

Recently, I came across a new product from Althea Korea. Right after Althea's 2nd birthday bonanza, they launched their very first makeup product which is the Petal Velvet Powder. Let's see if it satisfies all the factors above.

What's Hot
  • Shine-free with a silky finish. Check. I am in love with this finish!!! It does not make my skin look dry and flat.
  • Translucent. Check.
  • No flashbacks. YAY! Another check.
  • Sets everything in place. Check. Also, it works well with liquid foundation. 
  • Leaves skin velvety smooth!!!
  • Light to medium coverage. Buildable, as well.
  • Comes with a soft and dense puff. I use this to apply the powder onto my face and buff the product with a powder brush.
  • Flowery scent. Scent is mild and gentle, which I like. I really hate strong scents in makeup.
  • Expiration date is included in the packaging.
  • Cruelty-free. Thumbs up to Althea! Animal testing is a big NO.

What's Not
  • The only negative thing about this product is that there are no instructions in English which can be a deal breaker for people who can't read Korean.

To be honest, Petal Velvet Powder has exceeded my expectations. I'll let you in a little secret - it is now a part of my Daily Makeup Routine - that's how impressed I am. Althea started out their line strong! This only made me excited about their next product launch, which I hope is a skincare product!

Pocket-Friendly ♥♥♥♥
Long-lasting ♥♥♥♥
Quality & Texture   ♥♥♥♥♥
Health & Safety ♥♥♥♥♥

Petal Velvet Powder retails for only PHP 210 (for 3 grams). You can order it online in Althea Korea which ships directly from Korea to the Philippines within 15 days.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, rest assured all opinions stated above are honest and true to what I believe in.

Have you tried the Althea Petal Velvet Powder?
Did it pass your expectations?


  1. I've been looking for an affordable powder that gives zero flashbacks! And as for K beauty? I'm obsessed!

  2. wow, it looks so beautiful that anyone can get tempted to own and use it. Loved this review immensely!

  3. What a beautiful box! I could always use a new powder. I could see if there's an app I could use to translate instructions in English :)

  4. I have never found a great powder that doesn't make my face look dull. I will have to try this one!

  5. Packaging looks lovely in its delicate pink color. I need to learn how to use even simple things like face powder.

  6. This looks like a great powder, I have been looking for a new one for a while now and I am going to see if you can get it in England

  7. Thank for sharing this review. I wasn't familiar with this brand. I appreciate the education.

  8. Love the packaging of the product! Just that alone makes me want to purchase the powder :) Sounds like it is an amazing product. Thanks for bringing this to my attention as it is the first time I have heard about it.

    Real Women Talk 2

  9. Very rarely do I wear powder. This sounds like an awesome product though. I wonder why they wouldn't put the instructions in another language besides Koren?

  10. I just loved the packaging. And finding it on eCommerce store, would be very lucky if I get one online:) Also, I love to use the body shop products. Thanks for the share.

  11. Good to know that it is long lasting. I never have any Althea Korea products in use but I would gladly like to try this out. I heard that Korean products is also nice.

  12. Sounds great and how cute is the packaging!! I love everything pink! x



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