Korean Skincare Haul: Lovely Dewy Box ft. Althea Korea

Saturday, October 28, 2017

An Althea box consists of regular-sized products curated into fun and specific categories by the Althea team. What do I mean by categories? Well, it really depends on the products suitable for your skin type, what kind of skin problems you're facing, or what kind of makeup or skincare do you like, and the list goes on.
What I have here is the Lovely Dewy box which is supposed to make me radiant like a pearl. It's priced at PHP 1,260 and contains five (5) products plus freebies. However, if you buy these products individually, it will cost you PHP 3,360

Here is the video of my unboxing and giving a brief review of all of the products in the Lovely Dewy box. 

Have you tried buying an Althea box?
Let me know which box/es did you get and what you thought about them. 


  1. Omg been wanting to try and subscribe on such mystery boxes! Those goodies look effective. Keep us posted, will you? :D


    1. Thanks, Gail! Actually, it's not a subscription box but I know it may seem look like one. Althea releases these boxes every month and it's still up to you if you want to buy them. :)


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