Althea's Latest: Petal Velvet Sunaway

Sunday, November 25, 2018 Philippines

Did you know that your foundation's SPF is not enough to protect your skin all day? Especially if you spend a lot of your time under the sun. Applying sunscreen is a must!

Althea Korea has released its newest wonder product - Petal Velvet Sunaway. It has SPF 50+ PA++++ (five plus signs in total!), provides moisture and also helps control sebum. It comes in a pink and white squeezy plastic tube.

A lightweight, translucent sunscreen that protects the skin from UV rays and leaves a soft velvet finish. Also keeps the skin moisturized and helps control sebum.

Compared to other sunscreens I've tried, this is the most undetectable. The product is white but after it sets on the skin, it blends incredibly well to my skin tone. It does not feel sticky on the face. It leaves a velvet finish and feels very lightweight.

I find it best to apply this after putting on my facial moisturizer and before putting on my hydrating primer. As it is nearly invisible, it has no coverage whatsoever. It's just like adding a secret layer of protection to your skin. :) I highly recommend this as an everyday sunscreen and also perfect when going to the beach.

The consistency is runny and a bit watery.

After spreading it a bit, we can still see that the product is white in color.

After spreading it out evenly on the skin, it looks like this.

After a few seconds, it will set. Ta-da! You can barely see it!

Some people hate wearing sunscreen because it feels heavy on the skin, and the inevitable whitecast. However, with Petal Velvet Sunaway, that won't be a problem! Petal Velvet Sunaway retails for PhP 480 for 55 ml in Althea's website.

Disclaimer: The products have been sent to me by Althea, rest assured everything stated above are my honest opinions. 

Do you wear sunscreen everyday?
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  1. I was a little iffy about this product the first time because I wasn't used to a sunscreen with watery consistency. But upon using, I'm extremely impressed! Ang ganda ng finish!

    The Diary Queen

    1. True! Mas maganda nga ata yung watery consistency para super thin layer lang ng effect. :)

    2. True! Mas lightweight nga siya compared to a previous sunscreen I used. Nanibago lang talaga ako at first cos I though I got a bad batch dahil hindi even yung consistency. Haha. Probably didn't shake it well lang the first time. Lol

    3. Haha same thing happened to me! Then I read na "shake well before usage" hahaha


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