Taiwan Travel Diary + Lookbook: Day 3

Saturday, December 29, 2018 Taichung City, Taiwan

Our third day in Taiwan was probably the most stressful one. This is the day we went to Taichung.

Check out what happened in Day 2 here.

8:30 AM Breakfast (@ Inn)
9:30 AM Travel from Taipei to Taichung
2:30 PM Rainbow Village, Taichung
3:30 PM Zhongshe Flower Market
5:30 PM Gaomei Wetlands
9:00 PM Raohe Night Market
11:00 PM Back to Inn

Taichung is pretty far from Taipei City, where we were staying. There are a lot of transportation options (train, bus, car, etc.) to Taichung, but we chose the most comfortable one which is to rent a car. The bullet train is actually faster but it's hard to roam around Taichung if you're considering this. We rented a car for 12 hours from a fellow Filipino. (I decided not to mention his name or contact number here because we weren't really satisfied with the service, sad to say).

Distance from Taipei City to Taichung City

We ate a big breakfast at the inn before taking off to Taichung at 9:30 AM. Unfortunately, we weren't aware that the day we planned to go there was a national holiday. It was hella traffic and it took us 5 hours to get there via the freeway which took up half of our day!

Our first stop was Rainbow Village. It's not really a village, as the name implies. It's more like a small compound in a park wherein the walls are painted in beautiful rainbow colors. Rainbow village was single-handedly painted by Mr. Huang Yongfu, aka Rainbow Grandpa, to save his home from demolition.

There is no entrance fee in Rainbow Village but you can still help Rainbow Grandpa by buying souvenirs and/or by giving a simple donation. :)

Afterwards, we rushed towards Zhongshe Flower Market. This was the place that I was most excited to go to in Taichung. I have seen a lot of Instagram pictures of it that have wowed me and dang, it did not disappoint in person. The flowers are all so colorful and bright, and the field is huge!!!

The entrance fee in Zhongshe Flower Market is 120 NTD. I highly recommend you visit this place because it is totally worth it. There are lines in some attractions but they're really not that long. Also, don't try to squeeze in too much on your itinerary after this because you might need 1-2 hours to roam around (and take IG-worthy shots).

This is the famous grand piano! (Unedited version hehe)

This is the other grand piano amongst the lavender field! It was harder to take a picture here due to the photobombers!!!

We finished taking pictures around 5 PM. Sadly, because of our limited time, we weren't able to go to neither Xinshe Castle nor Lavender Cottage. :( Our driver suggested we go to Gaomei Wetlands to witness the sunset, which was not far from Zhongshe Flower Market.

We arrived around 5:30 PM there and got disappointed because we just missed the sunset. With heavy hearts, we just took some pictures with the windmills as the background and stuffed ourselves with Taiwanese street food (which is always a good idea).

Gaomei Wetlands
Our last stop was Raohe Night Market. Compared to the other night markets we've been to, this was the busiest. The place was jam-packed. We found a lot of souvenirs here, but beware because some of them are overpriced. And, the street food was pretty much the same as Tong Hua's.

At 11 PM, we decided to call it a day and go back to our inn.

Today's Look:

Top from SM Woman | Skirt from GTW by SM | Shoes from Nike | Tote bag from Mumu bags | Sunglasses from Sunnies Studios | Necklace from Shopee


  1. So sorry you weren't satisfied with his service. But you look beautiful and you saw amazing spots!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Your Taiwan photos are giving me life, Melissa! I would love to visit the garden if I go back to Taiwan. I'm sorry the driver you got didn't give you a good experience. And the traffic you experienced. Ate up half of your day. Ack.

    xo, Richel V.

    1. Thank you Richel!! Medyo nakastress nga talaga yung traffic nun, nonetheless, natuwa pa rin kami sa Taichung! <3

  3. Oof, definitely taking the train on our visit. Haha. Sorry you had a bad experience with the traffic and your driver. Btw, did you book any ticket in advance for the entrance fees? We're visiting this June and I'm browsing through Klook and KKday for tickets.


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