Avon Body Illusion: Comfiest Undies I've Ever Tried

Friday, March 29, 2019

Since I was a preteen, I felt very insecure about my body. I’m always shy when buying underwear but as I grew older, I realized that there’s nothing to be shy about. Women are created by God in various shapes and sizes. Everyone was made unique and beautiful. 

With Avon’s Fashion Body Illusion, I felt even more confident with my body. They absolutely fit me like a glove! Avon’s Body Illusion are the most breathable undies I have ever tried. Not only are they comfy, but they also hug your body without giving off the normal bra and panty lines. It really #FeelsLikeFreedom!

The Charlene underwire is a seamless, laser-cut bra and panty pair (sold separately). Charlene underwire bra is available for 899, and the Charlene panty is available for 299.

As a proud flat-chested sister, I’m definitely not the underwire type of girl. I usually like non-wires and sports bras better because more comfortable for everyday use. However, when I tried Charlene underwire, I barely felt the underwire since it was so soft. The cups are soft, as well. I also love the nudish color, which is what I usually gravitate towards. 

When I first tried the panty on, I instantly noticed the quality of the fabric. It’s sooooo soft! It’s made out of nylon spandex, but don’t fret, it’s definitely breathable unlike other spandex clothing that makes you sweat like there’s no tomorrow. It feels very light like second skin. No kidding, I will buy two to three more of these for myself - yep, they’re that impressive! 

Check out this video to know more about #AvonFashionBodyIllusion. #FeelsLikeFreedom

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