Althea: A'bloom (BHA Stick, Puffs, and Face Masks!)

Sunday, June 23, 2019


Last month, Althea released their very own line called A'bloom. I was very excited because Althea always give their 100% in making quality products and now they made it very affordable as well! Continue reading to know more about A'bloom! :)

BHA Blackhead Blaster 
PhP 240

I have tried a lot of products promising to remove blackheads instantly and a lot of those consists of painful strips. Nose strips are also said to open (and enlarge) your pores, so take note of that! I also tried using BHA liquids and cotton-soaked pads which are said to be gentler but my skin was unfortunately too sensitive for them. By far, A'bloom Blackhead Blaster Stick has been my favorite among everything I've mentioned. It is filled with White Willow Extract (Natural BHA) yet I find it gentle and suitable for my sensitive skin. It also makes my ultra smooth after rinsing. Did I mention it just needs 1 minute to take effect? After 1 minute, you can rinse it off and voila, blackhead-free skin! 

One note that you might want to consider is that it might make your skin a bit oily afterwards. This is why I prefer to use this at night. Other than that, believe me, this is one of the best blackhead removers ever! It instantly cleans my skin (especially my nose area) from those pesky blackheads, plus, it's painless. <3 

I love applying my base makeup with a beauty sponge. The qualities I look for a good beauty sponge are: soft, compact, practical shape, and doesn't stain easily. That being said, I'm happy to say A'bloom meringue sponges have checked all of these qualities!

Giant Meringue Puff when dry

Giant Meringue Puff when wet

Giant Meringue Puff
PhP 130 (1 pc)

The large puff is a baby pink chubby teardrop figure. When used dry, it's soft and dense. I prefer using this puff for my foundation, especially dewy formulas to keep the coverage of the product. When used wet, it expands upto 1.5x its original size. It doesn't suck out the product too much. The sponge "pores" also doesn't leave marks on my face unlike other sponges I've tried.

Baby Meringue Puffs when dry

Wet Baby Meringue Puff vs. Dry Baby Meringue Puff

Baby Meringue Puffs
PhP 190 (3 pcs)

Basically these are tinier versions of the large puff. I prefer using the small puffs for my concealer and foundation for covering the sides of my nose and my eyelids which are too narrow for the large puff to reach. Same as the large puff, it also expands when used wet, but the small puff expands upto twice its original size. I usually bring one when I'm on the go because it's so easy to bring and will fit any makeup bag ever existed. :D

Face masks
PhP 30 (1 pc)
PhP 270 (10 pcs)

A'bloom released four face masks. These masks have different specialties targeting various skincare concerns. And must I say, the packaging is the cutest! 

Nourishing Avocado Mask Sheet

Claims: This mask claims to be anti-aging and target wrinkles.  
Verdict: I asked my mom to try this for me so I can see if it's really effective. She said she loves it as it moisturizes her *super* dry skin and leaves her skin feeling younger and healthier. She even wants me to buy her the pack (10 pcs). HAHA!

Anti Blemish Peach Mask Sheet

Claims: This mask claims to be anti-blemish and target redness.
Verdict: I was very excited to try this because I have redness around my nose lately, and tiny spots under my eyes. After using, I noticed that my skin looked calm and smooth.  

Moisturizing Watermelon Mask Sheet

Claims: This mask claims to be hydrating. 
Verdict: This is perfect for my dry skin. I felt very fresh afterwards, chok-chok! Mask is not scented, which I liked, meaning it's all natural. 

Brightening Lemon Lime Mask Sheet

Claims: This mask claims to be brightening and helps even skin tone.
Verdict: This lemon scented mask smells so calming! I felt very refreshed and it did help my skin look glassy after using. 

Everything mentioned here is available in Althea's website. I hope you check these products out because they're worth the try! I promise. :) 

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Disclaimer: All products were sent to me by Althea Korea, rest assured everything stated above were honest opinions based on my experience.

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