I'm a mermaid, obviously. However, I need to earn money to buy all my seashells and hair combs so I'm also a full-time Software Engineer. 


Since high school, I have always been a "fashionista". Though my family is not loaded, I really take time when buying clothing for events (mala-SM man o mala-Divisoria) and budget my money to be able to buy all that I need to complete my look. 

Now that I'm working, the range of choices has expanded vastly. BUT, that doesn't mean I can buy whatever I wish. A perk of growing up from a Middle-class family is that you'll always be practical. So expect my stuff here to be quite pocket-friendly!

Besides fashion, I'm interested in books. I am not a fast reader, though. I like to imagine the scenarios for quite a while, funny I know. Another interest/hobby of mine is watching comedy series. Some of my favorites are Parks and Rec, Friends, The Office (US), New Girl, and Scream Queens. Leslie Knope is kind of my spirit animal.  

Funny thing is... my friends always joked about me being a "blogger" because my Instagram posts are meticulously done and take a little too much effort (maybe for them, but not for me - I love being creative). This made me think -- why the heck not? And so I did.

Lately, I have been reading fashion and travel blogs and I thought that maybe I can do this. Maybe I should move out my comfort zone and be vulnerable. If I have something great to share, why not share? 

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